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Atomic Love In S Chicago A Former Scientist On The Manhattan Project Finds Herself Torn Between Two Men The Physicist She Loved Passionately During The War, And The Handsome, Wounded FBI Agent Now Investigating Him For Espionage, In This Breathtaking Novel Of Betrayal, Love, Desire, And SecretsChicago, Rosalind Porter Has Always Defied Expectations In Her Work As A Physicist On The Manhattan Project, And In Her Passionate Love Affair With Co Worker Thomas Weaver Five Years After The End Of Both, Her Guilt Over The Results Of Her Work And Her Heartbreak Over Weaver Are Intertwined She Has Almost Succeeded In Resigning Herself To A Conventional LifeThen Weaver Gets Back In Touch And So Does The FBI Agent Charlie Szydlo Wants Roz To Spy On Weaver, Whom The FBI Suspects Of Passing Nuclear Secrets To Russia Despite Her Better Instincts, Roz Has Never Stopped Loving Weaver, But Now Finds Herself Drawn To Charlie, Even As She S Not Sure She Can Trust Him Charlie, Whose Time As A Prisoner Of War Haunts Him, Is Not Sure He Can Trust Himself, Especially Around Roz As Roz S Feelings For Each Man Unexpectedly Deepen, So Too Does The Danger She Finds Herself In When It Becomes Clear The Russians Will Stop At Nothing, Roz Will Have To Choose The Man Who Taught Her How To Love, Or The Man Her Love Might Save

About the Author: Jennie Fields

When I was child, bookstores and libraries were sanctuaries, my invitation to adventure, escape, satisfaction Wanting to be a part of the action, I wrote my first novel when I was six Years later, my first real book arrived in bookstores.But it s taken me until my fifth novel to tackle a topic that s always called to me women in science My mother was trained as a biochemist at the University of Chicago during World War II, and remained at the University afterwards, researching cures for cancer But as was typical in that era, when she married, she gave up her career to be a wife She spent the rest of her life aching for science As a result, science flowed into her cooking, cleaning, our healthcare She measured, she weighed, she considered, she hypothesized.My mother s best friend was her cousin Jean Walking together to campus each day, they discussed everything But no matter how many times she asked, Jean refused to tell my mother a single detail about what was going on at the Metallurgical Laboratory where she worked As it turns out, Jean was a clerical worker for the Manhattan Project and stayed true to her oath of secrecy until long after the atom bomb was dropped.That story of silence stuck with me And my research revealed there was one female physicist involved in those early Chicago years of the Manhattan Project Leona Woods, the youngest member of the team Atomic Love is in no way based on Woods life Still, her presence at that critical time and place in history allowed me to create my main character, Rosalind Porter, a female physicist who is asked to risk love and limb to protect her country.Adventure Escape Satisfaction I hope you will find these things andin Atomic Love.http jenniefields.comhttps www.facebook.com jennie.field

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    4 stars Thanks to G.P Putnam s Sons and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this ARC Publishes August 18, 2020I am not one who likes to read books dealing with sabotage or espionage the mystery in that just does not appeal to me This book however does deal with espionage, and although a major issue in the book, it actually takes a backseat to the characters In addition, I am not a great romance reader, eithe

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    I received a complimentary copy of this eBook ARC e galley from the author, Penguin Random House, and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Rosalind Porter loves her job as a scientist When the war ends and her career is ruined by the man who broke her heart, Rosalind is stuck working at the jewelry department at a department store Now Weaver is back ready to make amends Can Rosalind forgive him or will she become

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    Atomic Love, by Jennifer Fields, was the story of Rosalind and her quest for science Rosalind was once an important physicist assigned a top secret position on the Manhattan Project In a world full of men and war, Roz meets Weaver, a fellow scientist, and falls in love Weaver is her first serious relationship, but soon becomes her arch nemesis Weaver destroyed her life and ambitions by seeing that she lost the position s

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    What a big, juicy novel It s the story of Rosalind Porter, a brilliant female scientist on the Manhattan Project, now working behind a jewelry counter in Chicago s Marshall Field s department store There s a love triangle involving a former co worker of Rosalind s who reappears four years after breaking her heart, and the gentle souled FBI agent she s drawn to, who s emotionally and physically damaged from his years as a J

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    A complex literary thriller with a beating heart that finds new ways of asking old questions about love and desire Sign me up This book is going to be big trust me on this Readers who liked the Reese s Bookclub pick The Secrets We Kept by Lara Prescott are going to love finding this read alike that features an unforgettable female protagonist who is true to her times I loved how Roz was a flawed, fully realized character who

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    The next step in historical fiction the Cold War and the women who played a role Fields is writing something different for woman s historical fiction and she does it well Strong, but flawed characters make up the story and quickly moves a long in interesting story I feel this book would appeal to readers who want a character centered historical fiction as well as a good Cold War espionage.

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    Rosalind Porter was one of the few female scientists working on the Manhattan Project and she loved it Then the war ended and so did her passionate affair with a fellow scientist Thomas Weaver when he unceremoniously dumped her She s put her life back together and is unhappily working at Marshall Field s jewelry department when Thomas reappears and wants to resume their love affair At the same time, FBI agent Charlie Szydlo show

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    I received a free copy of this e book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.A couple of things tempered my enjoyment of the novel view spoiler One, I m really grossed out when characters bed hop That s just icky I also really didn t appreciate Charlie s actions at the end of the novel, when Rosalind tells him about her new job Well, I guess you don t love me if you want to take a job elsewhere Guess I ll just die alone I

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    Atomic Love by Jennie Fields is an excellent historic fiction that has it all passion, secrets, suspense, espionage, loyalties, distrust, regrets, difficult choices, and acceptance all wrapped into an excellent novel Post WWII, Cold War, McCarthyism is at its finest here in this book in 1950 Chicago Rosalind is a smart hello she is a scientist , fiery, independent yet dependentread the book and you will know what I mean , and a fabu

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    Thank you to Penguin Group and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review The book will be published on August 18th, 2020.Writing 2 5 Plot 3 5 Characters 3 5Historical fiction in the post WWII era espionage, a love triangle, a strong and imtelligent female lead The author endorsements are impressive Ann Patchett, Delia Owens, Rebecca Wells, B.A Shapiro I was drawn in because our heroine Rosa

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